We base our research and development on complex system science combined with carefully chosen ingredients. Our approach supplies a broad spectrum of synergistically functioning tonic components for your body’s self-regulating system. Your body can convert and apply the elements into various biological functions depending on the current demands set by your internal and external environment.

    3rd Party Tested
    Plastic free

    Our Guiding Principles

    Supportive, instead of forcing

    Tonic, instead of stimulating

    Quality, instead of quantity

    Holistic, instead of reductionistic

    Radical honesty

    Continuous learning

    Appreciation on natural complexity

    Good for you and good for the planet


    Microencapsulation is a process where active ingredients are coated inside a protective layer using spray drying technology.

    We microencapsulate our products by using organic gum arabica and wild algae. This process protects the delicate ingredients from a wide range of environmental conditions such as heat, oxidation, and acidity. Thanks to this method you get your supplements in a profoundly potent powder form that is easy to mix with food and beverages.

    Microencapsulation increases bioavailability by delivering the active ingredients intact through your stomach acid into the small intestine, where they get absorbed optimally.

    It's not what you eat, but what gets absorbed.


    Once we know the right ingredients we need for our formula, we start the sourcing process.

    In our sourcing process we pay attention to transparency, quality, reliability and lastly price.

    In order to find the best sources for each ingredient we rely on scientific studies, references, experience and our extensive network. We aim to build long lasting partnerships, but are dynamic and always open for new partnerships if there’s a better option available. We always choose the best choice for the people and the planet.


    Whenever possible we favor organic and ethical harvesting methods. In the future our goal is to support regenerative farming methods and favor ingredients produced by that method.

    In some cases we use the best synthetic forms of vitamins. The other option would be fermented vitamins, but in that case the serving sizes would grow significantly and this way of supplementing wouldn’t be that practical.


    We source the best possible ingredients we can find for each product. All our ingredients are vegan and we study each of them diligently to make sure they are in a bioavailable form, contain the right medicinal compounds and are free from contaminants.

    We don’t automatically use the strongest ingredients. Each ingredient, its form, and potency are chosen for a reason.