Immunity Blend

    30 Servings


    Immunity Blend protects and regenerates your body & mind holistically. With one product, you build robust protection naturally against the uncertainties we face today.

    • Protects your body holistically
    • Regenerates your immune system
    • Build up natural resistance 
    • Supports you acutely & long-term

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    Holistic Synergies

    Immunity Blend provides your body a broad range of essential building blocksand potent adaptogenic ingredients. It includes a total of 19 carefully chosen ingredients that help your body to build a comprehensive and robust natural immune system

      Regenerated Immunity 

      Immunity Blend supports the most fundamental elements of your immune system. Instead of boosting isolated parts of immunity, it promotes the entire system as a whole and, therefore, regenerates your natural immunity safely both in the short-term and long-term.

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        Premium Ingredients Only
        Synergistic Formulation
        Optimized Bioavailability (microencapsulation)𝙓
        Capsule-Free (easy to swallow)𝙓
        Kid-Friendly (mix with any beverage or food)𝙓
        No Fillers, Sweeteners, Excipients, or Additives𝙓
        No Proprietary Blends (no secrets)𝙓
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        Premium ingredients for
        Your immunity

        without cheating or using proprietary blends to twist the truth

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