It Starts With the Ingredients

    Our products are always gluten-free, vegan, and free from the top 8 allergens‚ÄĒbut that‚Äôs not all. We have meticulously curated each and every recipe to find the perfect combination of ingredients that are safe for those with food allergies, healthy AND absolutely delicious.
    Explore the fruits, vegetables, spices and more that make Partake safe and better-for-you products.


    are mushrooms loaded with many effective benefits. They are rich in beta-glucans and vitamins improving the balance of immune health. They are adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, and strong antioxidants. These mushrooms are considered to be good tonic support for overall wellness.

    is beneficial for the immune system in many ways. Vitamin C also helps with collagen production, strengthening the connective tissues inside the digestive tract. A healthy gut is essential for good immunity.

    have antiviral and antibacterial properties along with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. They work together with Vitamin-C to maintain the function of cells within the immune system.

    is probably the most important vitamin for the immune system. Vitamin D can boost your immune system, while simultaneously regulating the arm of the immune system involved in autoimmunity. With enough K2 you can take more vitamin D without the risk of calcification. It also keeps your bones strong.

    is extremely important for a very wide range of crucial body functions. For the metabolism of many enzymes, intracellular homeostasis and for activation of thiamine Magnesium is even needed for the enzymes to function that converts vitamin D to its active calcitriol form.

    is an essential trace element influencing growth. It is a cofactor in more than 300 enzymes influencing various organ functions. Zinc lives in every cell of your body and has a significant effect on the immune system.

    is involved in most aspects of cell biochemistry and function. Selenium is important for initiating immunity, regulating excessive immune responses and chronic inflammation. Selenium boosts immunity by promoting the production of antioxidant compounds.

    is an antiviral element used in many places where it’s important to minimize contamination risk. It is an essential trace mineral for the immune system and an important balancer for zinc.

    is one of the highest known natural sources of minerals. Kelp in particular is a good source of potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, and selenium. It also contains iodine, which is required for a healthy immune system. Iodine is antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antiviral.

    can harmonize the formula by protecting the gut. It also has some of its own antiviral activity, due to its triterpenoid content. Licorice root has many pharmacological activities, such as antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and other activities.

    works as a neuroprotectant during stress. Cat’s Claw improves circulation and stimulates BDNF, which helps grow new neurons and synapses. It can also help lower inflammation.

    In the blend promotes an alert state of relaxation without feeling of drowsiness, making it a perfect partner to caffeine. L-Theanine helps your mind to calm down and Theacrine increases mental clarity and energy.

    is here to help with glutathione production, together with selenium and vitamin c. One role of antioxidants like NAC and glutathione is to make sure the immune system can do its destructive job if needed, without causing too many inflammatory fires.

    was chosen for their antiviral properties and long history of use as cold- and flu fighting remedy. Elderberry has a strong tradition in the treatment of all sorts of infectious conditions. When compared with echinacea, another common herb for that purpose, elderberry is perhaps more tonic, and gentler for the stomach in the long run. In the worst case it’s a safe antioxidant-rich berry, and at best it may help stay healthy during the flu season.

    ‚ÄĒ Illustration Design by Antti Kemppainen