Immunity Blend

    30 Servings


    Immunity Blend protects and regenerates your body & mind holistically. With one product, you build robust protection naturally against the uncertainties we face today.

    • Protects your body holistically
    • Regenerates your immune system
    • Build up natural resistance 
    • Supports you acutely & long-term

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    Build Protection with Immunity Blend



    Holistic Synergies

    Immunity Blend provides your body a broad range of essential building blocksand potent adaptogenic ingredients. It includes a total of 19 carefully chosen ingredients that help your body to build a comprehensive and robust natural immune system

      Regenerated Immunity 

      Immunity Blend supports the most fundamental elements of your immune system. Instead of boosting isolated parts of immunity, it promotes the entire system as a whole and, therefore, regenerates your natural immunity safely both in the short-term and long-term.

        The Advantage of

        Regenerative Supplements

        Premium Ingredients Only
        Synergistic Formulation
        Optimized Bioavailability (microencapsulation)𝙓
        Capsule-Free (easy to swallow)𝙓
        Kid-Friendly (mix with any beverage or food)𝙓
        No Fillers, Sweeteners, Excipients, or Additives𝙓
        No Proprietary Blends (no secrets)𝙓
        3rd Party Tested?
        Plastic-Free Packaging𝙓
        Fair Return Policy?

        Premium ingredients for
        Your immunity

        without cheating or using proprietary blends to twist the truth

        Testimonials & Reviews

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        Regenerate Your immunity holistically

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Elviira Krebber
        State-of-the-art immunity supplement

        The best supplement to boost and maintain immunity. Well-thought and the state-of-the-art blend that has it all. Easy to take with you. I don't travel without it!

        Hannele Kyttä
        Lovely morning routine

        I start my mornings with the Immunity Blend. In the evening I place the tube on my kitchen counter, after I've taken the Sleep Blend. Taimi's packaging is so beuatiful that I feel good just by looking at them. The Immunity Blend and Taimi's other products are so easy to use, because they are in a powdered form and the cap has a nifty scale. I hate swallowing pills and sticky capsules. I'm recovering from surgery and medication. That's why it's important for me to strenghten my immunity and get some energy to recover. I believe that Taimi's products have been of great help in this. The product contains a variety of different vitamins and minerals. Just the idea of having to swallow the same ingredients as capsules terrifies me. I'm using all 3 of Taimi's products and I have good things to say about all of them.

        Heidi Kari
        Great Product

        I have been using the Immunity Blend for about 3 weeks. My energy levels have gotten somewhat better now. My body and mind are quite sensitive, so I've only been using 1 portion per day. I've now been considering upping the dose. I use an Oura ring to follow my recovery and the quality of my sleep has gotten better.

        Elina Pääkkö
        My new favorite Immunity supplement

        Sleep and immunity have been fine in the past, but I think these products were especially helpful when I got covid. The symptoms were not severe. It felt the same as I would have had a cold.

        Carolina Casagrande
        I'm a fan

        I'm 54 years old and have gone through breast cancer a few years ago so I don't take good health for granted. I've been interested in holistic wellbeing, including supplements, ever since. When I found out about Taimi blends I knew this was something special. Even though I've just started using Immunity Blend I have already noticed its empowering effect and I feel more vital. What really surprised me is that after one week it reduced my sensitivity to gluten. What else is it capable of? I don't know, but I'm certainly looking forward to finding out.