Where It All Began

    When my disabled daughter Taimi was five years old, my wife and I took her to see a specialist. We’d already spent years leaving no stone unturned as we tried to find answers to our daughter’s condition, which remains a mystery to this day. On this particular day, Taimi was visiting an MD. After blood samples were collected and the required tests were taken, we remained hopeful as we always do. But that hope quickly diminished when the doctor recommended we give Taimi a total of sixteen different supplement products. It wasn’t that we doubted the effects of the supplements, but Taimi can’t swallow pills which meant we couldn’t get the supplements to her. After a few fruitless attempts to “hide” the various supplements in Taimi’s drinks or food, we were left feeling frustrated and powerless. This led me on a quest to discover a better solution. A year after Taimi’s visit with the MD, I found encapsulated powder. Neutral tasting, odorless powder with amazing bioavailability and no fillers.

    While it was a game changer for Taimi, my friend Mikko and I realized that encapsulated powder could be a starting point to change the supplement industry for good. And that was how the idea for Taimi was born. Taimi isn’t able to speak and instead, has many other ways to express herself. For example, she loves to paint and quite honestly, her “Jackson Pollock-esque” paintings really are astonishing. Clearly, Taimi sees the world differently than we do. She certainly showed us a different way and continues to inspire us on our mission. That’s why she’s the soul of our company. In honor of Taimi, we brought her paintings to our packaging design. So that every time you’re using our products, you’re holding a piece of art in your hands.

    With Love,

    Jukka Peltola, cool daddy & founder


    The Finnish name "Taimi" ([ˈtaɪˌmɪ] or 'tie-me') translated into English means "seedling" or "sapling", like a baby tree or baby plant. Seedlings also represent something new, a new era, a new life, something that is going to grow strong and bloom in the future

    Our Purpose

    To take the individual and collective well-being to a whole new level we need a paradigm shift in many levels. Using system thinking, working in cooperation and having the determination of doing good we can find even better operating systems. To be part of the solution, we have generated a 3-phase plan:

    The Founders

    Jukka Peltola

    Jukka is a purpose-driven visionary with a big heart and a father of two daughters. The first one, a special needs girl Taimi, is the inspiration for this company. In his “previous life” Jukka used his creativity as a designer & producer in gaming industry. After a short but impactful existential crisis he founded a highly appreciated Goodio Chocolate. Now he is on a mission to bring beauty and joy into our world, inside out.

    Mikko Revonniemi

    Mikko founded his first company, Four Sigmatic, at the age of 22. Back then, he also ran ultramarathons and pushed himself to the limits that finally led to a burnout... twice. These ups and (especially) downs have been the most significant learning points in his life. They have inspired him to shift from ego to vulnerability and from forced power to dynamic balance. Needless to say, it’s a lifelong journey for him.