Mikko Revonniemi - Aug 12 2021

    Taimi Case Study:
    Sleep Blend & Immunity Blend

    Here is the first ever case study made with Taimi's regenerative supplements showing the benefits of Immunity Blend & Sleep Blend. In this study, a 34-years old female physiotherapist, Suvi, conducted a 3-week experiment by taking 700 mg of Immunity Blend and Sleep Blend, respectively, per day.

    Case Study Details

    Length: Three weeks

    Products: Sleep Blend & Immunity Blend

     One serving every morning (Immunity Blend) and evening (Sleep Blend)

    Test Device: Bittium Faros 90

    Participant: A 34-year-old woman from Finland

    Daily routines (diet, exercise, sleep, workload, meditation, etc.) have been maintained before and during the case study.

    Effects after the experiment

    The participant reported a significant improvement in quality of life after three weeks of use. She falls asleep faster, sleeps deeper, and wakes up rested. It was also the first time in 20 years that she was able to stop using seasonal allergy medication.

    The Participant says that she had "tried pretty much all” supplements for sleep, and Taimi’s Sleep Blend has been the most effective for her. 

    Taimi’s Sleep Blend has been the most effective sleep aid for the participant.

    Quantitative Results

    The daily recovery marker measured in nocturnal RMSSD improved;
    46.44ms → 54.86ms (18% increase).

    The resting nerve activity measured in pNN50 improved; 9.40% → 14.64% (56% increase).

    HRV HF - Connection with respiration, lungs, airways
     - 24-hour change: 126.51 → 167.11 (32% increase)
     - Day change: 90.82 → 138.86 (52% increase)
     - Night change: 177.83 → 260.39 (46% increase)

    HRV LF - Connection with the heart, circulatory system
     - 24-hour change: 497.49 → 613.21 (23% increase)
     - Day change: 483.62 → 558.40 (15% increase)
     - Night change: 532.46 → 716.99 (34% increase)

    HRV VLF - Connection with thermoregulation, metabolism, hormonal activity, inflammation
     - 24-hour change 919.32 → 1112.85 (21% increase)
     - Day Change: 776.31 → 1084 (39% increase)
     - Night change: 1149.57 → 1375.87 (19% increase)

    HRV LF/HF -Measures the ratio between SNS and PNS activity
     - 7,27 → 3,67 (decreased 50%)

    Immunity Blend and Sleep Blend were used in this three-week experiment.

    ECG/HRV: Before and after results

    There are two charts below. Before the experiment (left) and after the experiment (right). Both charts measure ECG, HRV, and heart beat (min, avg, max) during a 24 hour period. Both documents contain two pages (use slider to navigate).

    The before measurements (left) starts on April 7th, 2021 at 8:46 AM  and ends at 8: 46 AM the following day.
    The after measurements (right) starts on May 5th, 2021 at 7:55 AM and ends at 7:55 AM the following day.

    One row contains 3 hours of data.
    One page contains 12 hours  of data.
    Two pages contains a full 24-hour day.

    The meaning of the colors
    - The stress system active (person more anxious, difficult to rest, difficult to digest food)
    Green - The rest system active (person relaxed and recovering, food is digested, mind & body balanced)
    Yellow- In between stage where either system is turning on/off.

    While the numbers above shows clear improvements after only three weeks of use, the before/after charts illustrate the benefits of Immunity Blend & Sleep Blend perfectly. 

    You can see that in the before chart, stress system has been much more active than the after chart. This verifies the participant's empirical feeling; she felt more relaxed and balanced after the experiment. Her stress system was deactivated, which means her anxiety levels very down and overall quality of life went up.

    On the second page you will find that she fell asleep easily and her recovery process started immediately after falling asleep. This meant that she woke up rested and rejuvenated and was ready to tackle the new day with easy and comfort.


    Taimi Sleep Blend and Immunity Blend helped the participant to lower stress and anxiety levels, fall asleep easier and recover better during the night. Not only her overall quality of life improved significantly, but she was able to stop using seasonal allergy medication for the first time in 20 years. 

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