How many well known companies do you truly trust? Oh, that’s easy, Patagonia and...wait a minute...!

    Why is it so hard to trust companies?

    Perhaps people are more aware that our competitive and profit-driven capitalistic system is rooted in inequality, exploitation, dispossession and environmental destruction. Even though our market economy has been a triumph in many ways, it seems the moral and long-sightedness hasn’t been the thriving forces in decision making. Just read this WWF report from September 2020 to get a bigger picture.

    The supplement industry isn’t any better in comparison to other industries and companies. Its reputation as a snake oil business is well deserved. An investigation by New York’s Attorney General’s Office found that only 21% of the test results from store brand herbal supplements contained verified DNA from the plants listed on the products’ labels. A whopping 79% showed no DNA related to the labeled content or verifying contamination with other plant material.

    There’s also plenty of other issues with supplements. Issues that can be fixed if there's will. That will is the reason why Taimi was founded. We don’t have all the resources and answers yet, but step by step we can create something beautiful that works for the greater good and creates measurable positive net impact for us and coming generations.

    To become a catalyst for that positive change it requires transformative thinking and doing. Here are some of the things we are doing or aiming to do to become a company you can truly trust.

    • Everything starts with the right intention. Our purpose – to balance people and the planet is always guiding our decision making.
    • Minimizing plastic – our packages are made from recycled biodegradable cardboard.
    • We use plant-based inks made from soy in our packages. (We don’t know if these are the best solutions environmentally and ethically, but it has been the best one we have figured out so far and it’s the first step. We’ll continue to look for better ideas/ways. Feel free to help us out.).
    • Radical transparency. We’ll share everything about our ingredients – origin, production company, laboratory tests, etc. We will also push harder and ask more questions from producers about environmental and ethical procedures and impact. In the future, we hope to use mostly regenerative organic certified ingredients.
    • Company culture. This is an inspiring playground for us. What would be the most empowering environment for people to grow to their true potential and become the best versions of themselves while doing something meaningful and rewarding? Let's find out.
    • Dynamic and transparent sourcing. We aim to build long-term relationships, but are also willing to change the ingredient providers if we find more holistic (transparency, ethically and environmentally produced, nutrients) producers.
    • Not just selling, but helping and educating. We genuinely care about you and want you to flourish. Before you even buy our products we try to give you other free solutions to find the right tools for your wellbeing.
    • Our formulation principles differ from most of the companies. Stay tuned, you will hear more about it soon.
    • To bring sense and accountability on supplement regime (personalized supplement blends)
    • Embracing people’s personal data. You are not the product.
    • To bring joy, authenticity and love to an otherwise sterile supplement market.
    • Collaborate with other conscious lifestyle brands.

    We always aim to improve our practices based on a better understanding. Since we’re doing things no one has done yet – no doubt, we’re going to make mistakes. But our intention and conscience will lead us in the right direction.

    For the future we have much bigger and broader plans besides transforming the supplement industry, but step by step. Suggested rewrite: We have much bigger and broader plans besides transforming the supplement industry but we need to do it one step at a time. We know we can’t do everything by ourselves and that’s why we’re excited to cooperate with like-minded people and companies.

    Oh, and why did I make the headline “Naked Company”? I’d like to say we work naked but then I’d be lying. It just sounds more fun than the original title, “Transparent Company.”